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Hello everyone I dont get on here much and post...for help. But I am at wits end...I have been everywhere I can think of...I am looking for 2-56x.750" titanium button head torx screws. Yes I been everywhere even usaknifemaker.com that was my 1st place always go.......my 2nd in TiConnector...no one seems carry them that long I personally like have a long screw (just me). Dont mind paying for it just no one seems have any been on Amazon too any help be awesome i been everywhere on internet to I can special special order them from Mcmaster Carr for about $3.00 each thats just little to high for my blood..........I even go 1.00" long if can them thanks in advance... Jeff (Ghostdevil Designs)


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If Steve at TiConnector doesn't have them, then you're best bet is to pay the $3.00 each and special order them.... what I'd be worried about is the tolerances.....if they are being "special made" in China, you can bet it's going to be +/- .005.... and thats pretty crappy if your intent is a folder/knife appication. I can pretty much guarantee you that's the best deal your gonna find.

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Can I ask what you use them for? That seems very long for such a small screw. There's a reason you don't find them readily available.


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I have never seen a 2-56 that long in anything. Doesn’t mean they aren’t out there. I’ve just never seen one. If you find them let me know.