KITH official pictures thread


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Wow, those are some sweeeet entries!! I should have mine done later tonight, but it won't be as nice as these! Just came in to take a breather for a few minutes.


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Wow, those are some sweeeet entries!! I should have mine done later tonight, but it won't be as nice as these! Just came in to take a breather for a few minutes.

Okay, so technically I finished on the 14th. It's nearly 1 a.m. here! The time really flies by when your sanding!

This wasn't the knife I had intended to enter. I wanted to enter my first hidden tang, but since I've had a few problems with it, this is the one I chose as a backup. I've had this blade HT'ed and hand sanded for a while. I got side tracked on another project and it's been sitting. Whenever I offer to let someone choose a knife, it's often this design.

I can't remember if this knife is 01 or 1084, but it's one of those :les: Next time I'll etch it with the steel type. Lesson learned.

The blade is around 4" long and the handle is a tad over 4 as well.

I like trying something different with these KITH's. I couldn't decide which handle material to go with, eventually I decided to go with some DIY burlap "micarta" I made last year. I made it for another knife that my forge burned up during HT. I got the burlap from the local Farm & Ranch store. If I remember correctly, it was a bag from Mexico that had either rice or beans in it. The green and other colors you see are the printing that was on the bag.

I took it to 800 grit and then polished it. I may take it higher tomorrow, I'll have to see what I think in the daylight.

I went with black and orange G10 for liners. I added a little file work to the spine as well.

I'm going to make a leather sheath for this knife and it'll be ready to ship Monday!



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Here is my offering,
0-1 treated by peters to 58rc
cocabola scales with green liner
s.s. pins and tube
green and brown lanyard
7 1/2" overall with 3" blade
thanks for doing this Sean hope to be involved next year

Bob Purdy


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Sean Cochran

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Some great looking knives guys. We will draw tomorrow about 7pm EST. Ill go through both threads to see who has posted pics.
Again, each maker will be assigned a number and they will be drawn from a hat and listed in order drawn. Your knife goes to the maker below you on the list and you receive a knife from the maker above you on the list.

Thanks guys, and I apologized for being late with the pic thread, work has been a bear this year, which is better than being out of work I suppose.


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Here is my submission.

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Even more great submissions! I'm pretty excited about this!

BTW, I uploaded some better pictures to my post...not the best, but better than last night.


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Well i finished in the nick of time. Something a little different. Stainless damascus (Damasteel)Neck scalpel.Dressed out in a kydex sheath. Heat treated buy Peters heat treat. I went ahead and put a convex edge on it being its pretty thin material. I am diggin this steel! Etched it with muratic acid. Thats some pretty nasty stuff but it worked like a charm.


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Mike Martinez

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I'm still in!!! I just can't find my SD card... will have to shoot with cell phone.


Better pictures will follow.


1084 from Aldo
Madrone Burl (AAAA)
Deferentially Tempered
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Sean Cochran

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Just had my dear wife draw it is
BTW thanks so much for bearing with me guys, I have been working ALOT lately. So sorry for being behind on things.

Remember the knife you made goes to the guy below you on the list. the last one on the list goes to the first one on the list
***please check the list to see if I missed anyone***
1. Dan Pierson
2. Cameron
3. D. Douglas
4. Brad704
5. Sean Cochran
6. Franklin
7. s2f
8. Patrick
9. rasret01
10. gobblergetter
11. Aubrooks
12. grizzlyknives
13. Mike928
14. NPD
15. Mark Redmond
16. Remy
17. Gahagan
18. AW Stovall
19. GHaile
20. DonL
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