Just got a job!

Mike Jones

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I'm pretty excited right now. I just got hired by Mike's Express Carwash. Part time, of course, to work around my school schedule. Put in my application on Monday, first interview on Tuesday, now on Sunday I get the call for a second interview. They said I'm hired as long as I pass a drug test. Drove to Med One, and I passed! 'Course I've never done drugs so I had no reason to fail... Anyways, thanks for listening to my excitement :D


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good for you Mike. I just 20 minutes ago had a conversation with my 16yr old son about him seeking his first job. He is excited also.

Mike Jones

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Thanks for the kind words everyone. It should be a nice source of income (at least $100 a week on average) and I get to be outdoors instead of behind a cash register like at a Mickey D's.


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Congrads. I spent my time early on in a gas station and in a kitchen washing dishes. Still remember both quite well. Enjoy yourself! Dozier

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If you are excited now, just wait until you retire and walk away...

(I remember that first day of freedom like it was Christmas. At the age of 51, there I stood looking out the front window, still in my pajamas. Newspaper in one hand, giant latte' in the other--watching all of the other daddies drive off to early cardiac deaths...)