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Well been hangin around here since the Little Rock show and decided I had better say HI.

Not a knife maker, that's for sure, but I do like making them. Have been trying for about the last year an a half. My real job is Sales/Tech for a company that sells European woodworking machinery.
Hobbies would be along the lines of; woodworking, shooting, hunting, fishing, gardening, and chasing the wife around the house:D

Here is a photo of the first ones that I done.

The one without scales is the first one that started. It's forged from an old leaf spring from a peace of old farm equipment.
The folder is a kit that I put together and a piece of oak burl that I had cut from a pinn oak tree.
The long one is from a planer blade that I made for my wife for a garden knife which she had some changes to it so I made her one that she liked to use.

Here is her newer garden knife and the little skinner both with Concola Alves scales.
Do have a couple more that I'll post later.

So there ya go , HI.


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