It's a good day to HT something

Rusty McDonald

So I put some D2 In the Ol' Evenheat and now I cant leave for a few hours UGH should have gone to get dinner first. Takes me about 4-6 hours to get all my D2 Done. Guess It's peanut butter and Jelly, man I hope theres jelly. Good thing is there are 6 knives in those packages,
1 clip point bullet
2 trappers
2 peanuts
1 swayback warnclif
Should have a full day Friday, gettin liners done.

Rusty McDonald

NO! No Jelly Looked every where even called the neighbors. But In all the looking I found some Fig preserves and well it all worked out fine.
Finished tempering the blades last night at about 3a.m. and went to bed!
Worked on one today.

Johnny Roberts

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I have used the heat treating excuse to order pizza... Mmmm

Rusty do you put multiple small blades per pouch or do them all individually wrapped?

Your knives look outstanding.

Johnny Roberts