Italian Top Lock


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This is a little different, fulcrum top lock auto with ladder pattern Damascus blade and bolsters, lock bar and flipper spring are integral using the same Damascus. Mammoth ivory scales and a Mokume rocker bar. File worked and anodized titanium liners. Thanks for taking a look,

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My son Cory, CMI Imaging, did the photograph and its way better than mine. Cory's work is top notch, thanks for taking another look,

PeterMartin, Peter - Hubertus Style Button Release Auto - 1200.jpg
I'm a new guy..interested in mechanisms. That is an interesting picture. I don't understand what that lock is doing. Moreover I am very curious about the term "top lock". Does that refer to the standard Itallian stilleto lock? I have heard the term for these a few times as 'Pick lock". Does anyone know the origin for the term "Pick lock"? Thanks