Is anybody out there


I apologize to the Christian Knifedogs for another intrusion, but I felt partly responsible.

... so until next time, I'll fly away.

Best wishes to all and Vaya con Dios. :)
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Von Gruff

Since you are online I suggest you go to Thru the Bible ministries. They are dedicated to teaching the whole Bible and taking it to the whole world via radio and Internet and other means also. I think you would enjoy their ministry and learn much from it.

That is an excellent resource thanks Calvin. I have listened to a couple and was very intrigued to here him compare the ark to Jesus and the budding of Aarons rod to the resurection.

I have gone back to the archives and will listen to the whole series starting from Genesis and with today being Sabath (remember the time zone difference) I will add some of the talks to my study time.
Again, thank you for the link.