I'll be down a few days......Prayers needed

Denny Eller

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Keith, you'll be in our thoughts and prayers this Tuesday. We hope everything works out for you. Denny and Brenda


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I just got off the phone with Keith and he tells me that the proceedure went well. He is on his way home from the hospital now and plans to be layin around taking it easy for a while. I'm sure he will chime in here and give a full update when he is up to it.

Kris Martinelli

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I got you covered in prayer, I just hope they have you covered through, "Better living through Pharmacology" There is nothing like constant pain. I wouldn't trade with you!!! Kris


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Murph, thanks for the update. Good to hear Keith is on the way to recovery..


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Good News! Thanks Murph. I'm with Kris, stay ahead of the pain, best plan of action IMHO.
Thoughts and Prayers Keith,


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Thanks Murph!
I'm glad to hear this and look forward to seein' Keith's scrawl on the screen real soon.
Heal up quick brother,
Smoke's still rollin' your way.

Keith Willis

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Thanks for the update Murph.
Thanks for all the prayers,smoke and good thoughts.I know it helps.
It is a little early to tell,but I think the procedure may have been a success.I'll know more when it
starts to heal,and the pain eases off.
Not sure if this is what was causing all of my problems,but I think this
was part of it.I am debating as to what I will do with it.My kids
are wanting something made to put on there chain.I may,if I can
come up something neat.
Thanks to all,

God bless,Keith