I may be a wierdo.

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Am I the only knife maker out there who isn't really into knives? I like them as well as the next guy, I guess, but I have no interest in collecting them or owning more of them than I'll use. Outside of the kitchen, that means about 3. I'm "into" them BECAUSE I make them (and I LOVE making them), not the other way around. I think this may make me an oddball in this crowd. Even weirder, I make hunting knives almost exclusively and don't even really hunt anymore.

I make them because 1) I like making stuff, 2) I can make them a bit at a time as spare time allows, 3) I make enough money doing it to keep the hobby going and take my wife out to dinner, and 4) I'm pretty good at it. Making them is great, and maybe the only hobby I've ever had that I'll stick with long term.

If there are more of you out there like me, maybe we could start a support group!;)
don't know about a support group as needed, but I don't collect blades either. don't hunt anymore, and as you.............I really enjoy making them-- have done so for 35 years. but, it's a living and not a hobby and I still love it.

i admire everyone that makes them and collects and eats and sleeps knives.

here's my latest- a pushdagger for a gentleman. already sold.


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I am in the same boat as you.
I don't hunt anymore yet I make a ton of hunting knives.
I only have a few knives that I made for myself.
I don't collect knives. It is a source of income for me and I enjoy making them.

I also make pens. I rarely keep one for myself.
I don't collect them either but thank god their are a lot pof people who do collect and use the stuff i make.
Some of us are glad you don't keep everything you make.
Not all things are meant to be understood. Women, cats, collectors, politicians to name a few, IMHO. Dozier
I'm with you, Trav. I like making them more than just about anything else to do with knives. I still skin my deer w/ number one and number five, and I've made just over 100 now.
WOW , all this time I thought I was the weird one.
All of the knives I have from other makers are ones I won in a fund raiser or auction for some good cause. I would NEVER pay that much money for a knife , that's why I started making them. The funny thing is I only have one of my knives , and I just finished it a couple of months ago to show other people my work.
I too just love making stuff, and enjoy seeing people enjoy my knives. I am grateful that people will pay that much for a knife or I would have a bunch in a drawer in the kitchen. My wife has wanted a nice kitchen chopper for 5 years now.....she is still waiting , patiently thank goodness.
LOL , hunting knives almost exclusively here too. I could give a rats behind about hunting too. But I love hearing about my knives going hunting and how they performed. Thats probably why I dont have more of my own knives , I just wouldn't use them.
Right now I have 6 knives sold if I would just get off my butt and make them, thank goodness I don't have any of their money yet.
Hmm I'm kind of inspired now to go make myself a usable knife. I mean one that I would use , an EDC of sorts.

Yes, you are weird.. Next question.:D Actually, you may be strange because I think a lot of us got into knifemaking after being collectors of some type or, in many cases, it was like when Bob Loveless went to Abercrombie & Fitch to buy a Randall and he couldn't get one, so he diecdided to makes one himself. Of course, nowadasy, it may often be that we couldn't afford what we really wanted so instead of being depressed broke azz wannabe collectors, we decided to try to make knive ourselves.;)
I was a collector first I have always had alot of knives, But I always wanted some I couldnt afford I guess thats why I make them.
I have a Case stockman for daily carry and use a fixed blade I made when I hunt. My hunting knife would never get sold to a customer. The fit and finish are just not good enough but it has worked fine for me and I have never had the urge to make myself a really nice knife. I like knives well enough but I have no desire to collect them or carry a show piece. I think most knife makers like making knives more than they like owning knives.
Am I the only knife maker out there who isn't really into knives?

Actually, I've heard it before. Recently Ben Dale told me that he really only uses one knife--a Spyderco with an H1 alloy blade. The knife in my pocket right now had such a poor factory Q/C I couldn't sell it to a client. We handle the stuff so much that it becomes "just metal."

Heck, I'll bet that at the end of a busy week Cat Cora goes out for pizza...
I've never really been into collecting or hoarding fixed blades. But I've always been in search of the "magical" EDC folder :unsure:. But the knives I do get I buy with the intention of them actually being used. I really have no interest of buying a knife and never taking it out of the box/sheath. I can appreciate knives made of exotic material and whatnot but I prefer to have a knife that I own to preform not sit on display (even though I realize the exotics often ARE functional (they're just TOO nice to use). Since getting into knife making though I do really enjoy making them. I have a few designs that I'm in the process of making for what I want them to do. But I like the idea of making something and someone else really appreciating my work... Well at least I aspire to have someone appreciate my work :D.
But I've always been in search of the "magical" EDC folder.

Funny you should mention that. Until very recently, I thought I had that part all figured out.

For some reason most of the things I use seem to strike me as "too big" or "too small." I find myself looking for products that combine attributes of both, but in a medium size. I've been carrying a lot of folders with three inch blades lately. I've become more of a fan of the Buck 112 than the 110. I bought a Sportster.

At the core of the issue I believe it's not the product, per se. I just seem to want something that enhances my life, or I'll leave it on the rack. I seem to cutting, trading, exchanging, complaining and re-polishing every daily item I own. At dinner time I go searching through a kitchen drawer for "my favorite fork."

But if I do find this "magical EDC folder" I'll buy two of them and send you one. I'm not too sure it even exists.
Good thread! I'm weird too, I guess. I enjoy the design and making processes more than I like having something sitting in a drawer. By the time I finish a knife, I'm generally kind of bored with it and just want to find it a happy home, and move on to the next one.

On a similar note, I'm currently selling off most of my guitars, none of which is stock. I can't seem to leave anything alone and always tweak/modify/ruin anything worth using ;) I've "lost" a stupid amount of money doing this... on the resale market, modded axes get very little respect. Anyway I haven't been in a band for years so what's the point of having a stable full of guitars? I can only play one at a time and if I bust a string it's not going to stop the show.

I'm a user, not a collector. As others said, thank goodness for both types of customers!
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Hunting?? who has time for anything else if you make knives. Over the years I'v got so cought up in making knives I don't have time to use them. And I'm retired now. I'd even like to go fishing some day, but nothing kills time more than fishing.
I guess I'm in the same class as most I dont collect knives but I love knives in general. I guess its because I love the fact that knives can be so versatile and yet be pleasing to the eye. Also (like most) I flat enjoy making knives.
And I'm retired now.

Ain't that the truth!

I'm busier now than when I actually worked! But I have a system that has always served me...

Never tell anyone--and I mean anyone, even your spouse--when you have a section of free time that could be "me time." Keep a bland expression on your face. Don't scribble something on the calendar. Don't mention to that pesky leech that steals your time (and sanity) that you will be free. You know who he is! You'll wind up babysitting his projects. Start shutting off your cell phone.

Buff your boots on a Tuesday. Wax your bike on a Thursday. In poker they call unspoken information "tells."

And the most important part, throw that wristwatch away, it's a demanding mistress. If you become unreliable people will leave you alone!
I'm a blacksmith. For the first three years people talked about making a knife. I said, "I don't want to make knives, I'm an artist blacksmith." Then I used a knife that a friend had made. The next day we went out and started on my first knife from 3/4" coil spring. My advise to anyone is, "If you don't want to make a lot of knives, don't make the first one." and by extension, "If you don't want to make a lot of damascus, never make the first billet".
I carry one of my own knives and a Gurber Multi-tool. I use both daily. I like carrying a knife that I have made.
I have a few knives by other makers but they are fancy letter openers.
I like incorporating artistic blacksmithing in my knives, watch for pictures of the "Knife Dogs Knife". If I can get to it there will be one at Blade for the KD drawings,,,, or a Horse Head Knife.
I wanted to buy a knife from a local guy, Jim Schmidt, he laughed. Said I would have to wait 7years and I couldn't afford it anyway. So I started hanging around his shop and learned how to make my own knives.

Boy guys good thread. I thought I was the only wierdo. I have never been a "knife guy". A buddy got me to make one and I have been hooked since just on making them though. I still dont collect them. I love to make them, but I just love the process. Once they are done I want them gone so I can start the next one. Maybe we should start a support group. :)