I have a problem a wood addiction problem


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Hey Guys,

Here is a display knife I completed a while back. The Steel is Feather Damascus by Jim Blauvelt of Taftville, Ct. The wood on the knife handle and the display stand is Wych Elm Burl that I source from a friend in Northern England. The finish is Tru Oil. I currently have some blocks and scales of this wood if anyone is interested. PM me for specific pics and prices. The material is not stabilized and it does not need to be. Thanks,

IMG_3094.JPG IMG_4070.JPG IMG_4075.JPG
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Ty Adams

Curly Maple from John Doyle. These are some of the nicest blocks of curly maple that I have seen. The pictures really don't do them justice.
Some really nice walnut from Genek.

Ty Adams

My brothers in town feeding the addiction. He's rebuilding a deck and brought me some end cuts of Ipe. It's some very nice stuff once it's cleaned up.
Oh lordie mate I get it. I keep pretty much anything and everything I think I could possibly use. I'm a hoarder and I fully admit it. Wood is an incredible material that offers an incredibly wide range and variety of colours and patterns. I love working with it, synthetic materials are nic ein all but to me nothing beats the look of a nice piece of wood.

Von Gruff

I have a friend in South Africa who is putting the final pieces into a care box for me at the moment. There is wild olive and tamboti along with some giraffe bone and african buffalo horn boss. The second pic is of thr olivewood he has cut but it wont all be coming in this first package.
Gertts olivewood and tamboti.jpg