I am a knife maker!!!!!!

Archer Moon

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This is my first knife that I have completed. I did have a lot of help on it. I would like to thank everybody on knifedogs, Andy Franko of Calico Forge, Rodger Smith of Bloodworth Knives, and Matt Otto for all the help and encoragement.

The steel is 5160, stock removed, heat treated in my forge, quenched in canolo oil, and tempered at 350 for 2 hours.
Handle is Black Walnut with copper pin and tube.
Full flat grind and hand rubbed 320/WD40 finished.
Over all is 6 1/8", blade is 2 7/8", and 1/8" thick.
Very Sharp!!P3230248.jpgP3230249.jpgP3230250.jpg


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Very nice and especially so for a first knife. Nice lines, handles fit well and are some good looking walnut. It's great that you had that kind of help and guidance.

Carey Quinn

Good job. By the time you get through with that third one, you will be totally hooked and there won't be any hope for you either.


Archer Moon

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You mean I have to wait that long? I will be treating 2 and 3 this morning.
Thanks agin for all the help, engoragement, and info that is shared on Knifedogs. This place is great!