Hey Where Do You Live ?


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Well Keith Willis ask me what town do I live in in another thread. So I thought it would nice to see where some of ya'll live.

Me, in the country on a farm :rolleyes:, It's close to a little crossroads community named Furlow. That's 10 miles East of Jacksonville, or 10 miles south of Cabot, or 10 miles West of Lonoke. Or for anybody that has traveled I40 through Arkansas it's 3 miles North of the Remington Arms plant;)


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That's funny, I know exactly where you're talking about. :D I live in Conway, Ar., less than a mile from UCA. Of course, I'm never home. I'm stationed at Camp Shelby, Ms which is just outside of Hattiesburg.

Steven Janik

Currently, I live in a van down by the river. I'm thinking of welding a VW bug to the side for a room addition and Jim Coffee will be my tenant, cuz his wife will probably throw him out for being on the internet too much.

LOL. I live in Plainfield, Il which is about 40 miles SW of Chicago where I-80 and I-55 meet. It's a good sized town and if things go well we are getting a street lite next year.


r bone

I live in Onawa Iowa that is 38mi south of sioux city. But I am from just east of you, south of Brinkley

Indian George

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I live in the Old Whaling Capital of the World and we are the largest fishing port on the east coast. 2thumbsIf you like seafood this is the place.:D New Bedford, MA. Y’all come on up for a visit.:running dog:

Steven Janik

Hey IG,
Do you think there is a good bump in the seafood business by you because of the mess in the Gulf?
Just curious,

Mr. Bad Example

I live here in "Vacation Land", about an hour south of Bangor and and hour and a half north of Portland.

Fred Rowe

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I live on the highest elevation in Washington co. Ohio; twenty minutes dew north of the Mussel Shell as the crow flies, pilgrim.2thumbs

A lot of folks say its haunted out this way.:cool:


Wayne Coe

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I wonder why on every-one's CP they didn't put this info. Time to go back and up date your CP info.

I lived down town Atlanta. Then moved about 20 miles east of Atlanta onto 6 acres to get away from the big city. Couldn't see a house anywhere. Wait 5 years and I had to get dressed before I could go out onto the back deck. Atlanta moved on out with me.

So I moved 70 miles north of Atlanta to get away from it again onto 47 acres. Ellijay, Gilmer County. Wouldn't you know, in 10 years there were houses all the way around me up on the ridge tops.

So I've moved 200 miles north of Atlanta onto 321 acres about 70 miles north west of Knoxville, backed up to Big South Fork WMA. Now if Atlanta catches up with me I'm gona just give up. But I know that there will never be a house north of me for 37 miles and I'll never have a neighbor within 1/4 mile.

You might call me a recluse, but I like it when my friends come to visit. I just also like it when they leave. I think that Mark Twain said, "Guests and fish start to lose their attraction after 3 days." or something kinda like that.

Now with all that said, come on out and visit,,,,for a day or two.

Ernie Swanson

Heck Wayne, With all that acreage you could build my family a nice little house:D

I live in NW Wisconsin, About 70 south of Superior/Duluth MN.
Also about the same from Minneapolis/St.Paul MN.

My town has a population of 988!!

I like it here we have all kinds of things to hunt and fish for but we are
Looking to get out of here and head for the mountains as soon as I can find me a good job and a place to live!!

The fiance really wants to move to Washington State!:rolleyes::cool:
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Mike Jones

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I live in Russiaville, IN. That's what they call this place at least. I'm about halfway between the small town of Russiaville and the city of Kokomo, which is about 50 miles north of Indy.

PS: Its called RUSSIAville (pronounced like ROOSHAville), but I'm not a commie! I swear!
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Denny Eller

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I have lived in 11 different states including the East coast, the West coast and the Gulf coast. Like anything else, each state had its good points and bad points. My wife and I now live in my wife's hometown, Somerset, KY. Somerset is in South central KY and sits on the banks of Lake Cumberland, a 70 mile long Corps of Engineers impoundment of the Cumberland River. I am 75 miles South of Lexington and 78 miles North of Wayne Coe.


I live about an hour north of NYC, us woodchucks don't go down there too often afraid we won't get back home