Hello From Montana


As a long time hobby metalworker and newbie knife maker, I'd like to begin conversations with you'all as a way to improve my knife making skills. I have just gotten to the level of knife making where I'm beginning to understand what I don't know, and hopefully ask some reasonably intelligent questions.
Frankly, you folks are a bit intimidating. The level of knowledge, craftsmanship and artistry that so many of you have is remarkable. It's a challenge for me to enter this specialized world of knife making.
I've spent a lot of time scrounging around this forum, learning as much as possible before beginning any postings. Now I have a couple of nagging questions that I can't figure out. Perhaps you can give me a hand with that in other postings.
As background, I have a reasonably well set up shop for metalworking including a Reeder 2x72 grinder, self-built propane forge (brick pile style), tempering oven w/PID, Logan 9" lathe, Clausing knee mill, mig/tig/oxy welders, bandsaw, drill presses, plus a number of other metalworking machines and tooling. As a retired "geezer", this is a hobby shop that I've collected & assembled over the years, having learned basic metalworking skills on a number of these machines as a teenager.
FWIW, I live in SW Montana, near Bozeman.
Bob - aka MTBob

John Wilson

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Welcome, Bob! Sounds like you are off to a great start. If you ever feel like you're not ready to make knives, you need to refer to "My First Knife" thread. You will find that everyone here started as a third rate apprentice prison shank maker.

John Wilson

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Prepare to feel much better about yourself!


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Hi buddy, some great guys here who are willing to share. Have fun and stay safe in the workshop!


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Gudday from DownUnder in Oze. Good knife making I am sure you will get addicted like all the rest of us.