Happy Birthday Ken Hurst

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I heard a rumor that today was Ken Hurst's 70th birthday.
I hope this is your best year ever.
Happy Birthday Ken!
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Ken! and I just talked to you on the phone 10 minutes ago...

Happy Birthday to the gentleman from NC...

Here is wishing you many more....
Happy Birthday ya old DOG ------- 2thumbs

And I keep seeing that killer engraving you do, your just pushing me to send you a knife.....:D

Just keep it up- just keep it up.......2thumbs

Take care.


Aaaaah thanks guys, I really appreciate all your kindnesses & well wishes. Today was just another day for me & actually I'm just taking a break from the bench at this moment and going back to try and finish up a piece of work for Kevin casey on one of his bronze bolsters. Got to get um in & out ASAP. Ken
Happy B day Mr. Hurst , I hope it was good for you, your work has brought many people lots of happy times . your the BEST there is. And you make the art of bladesmiths much better. Thank You for your work ,even us 13 year olds know of you . Your the best there is . and thats saying something. THE BEST
Well I am late, but Happy Birthday anyway. Hope you got away from the bench and a good celebration.
A Belated "Happy" Mr. Hurst. cool 1 2thumbs cool 1
I say "Mr" because I don't know ya. No offense intended. :D
Little Miss Darci, thanks you dear. It is especially appreciated as you are so young but obviously been taught good manners. All older folks love to see a child with good manners & it makes us like & respect them even more.

Mack1 --- You most certainly can call me Ken, most folks do ecept youngsters -- you aren't a youngster are you . Quite often I'll address someone as Mr. Bruce or Mr. whoever as I was raised this way -- guess it's an old Southern custom.Ray -- I actually have Eli's knife in the vise doing some prelim. work now --- more to come. Will call you on this.

Wade -- I worked all day & part of the night on a folder by & for Kevin Casey. Thanks for the well wishes.

Cad & Stabber -- thanks to you too.
Sorry I missed the celebration. Hope you had a great day, Mr. Hurst! :)