Kevin, what Wa..Wa..Wally said. Going to IG's on a Saturday is always a good time. Usually he will find Wolf over there, he's a master smith by all means.

If you like spicey food Wa..Wa..Wally is a dam great Portagee cook, ain't cha Wa..Wa..Wally. :D And while we're on the subject of food, seeing as how you're from Texas originally, do you know where Wa..Wa..Wally can get some habanero peppers for his famous "Heat Treat Relish"?

Too bad you can't make it this Saturday.
ok - I get it now. I am a tex-mex food man, but anything hotter than that is out of my league. Jalapenos, not habanero's. They are really mostly used in Cuban and some farther south stuff, as well as Indian and S.E. Asian.
I am a wimp by those standards.

I am a loooooong ways from a master smith, but I can forge weld really well and I have just gotten a hydraulic press. So, I have been bitten very hard by the damascus bug, and I have been doing multi-bar constructions by hand for the past year, and now I will be doing them by press (thank God).

I haven't had any real experience except what I could derive from the net or make up in my garage. I need tons of time watching and doing with real folks.

I have started working a little with jd smith in Boston, but only a little.

I will definitely drop by some time in the next few weeks. I am not teaching this summer, so I am open all the time, almost. Also, I do not get paid if I don't teach, and people are willing to pay me to make them p-welded seaxes and stuff, so I am working a lot. The hobby has turned into a way to make up the pay gap since my class did not have enough enrollment this summer for the univ. to let it go forward. Graduate students are too broke these days to go to school in the summer, they are working and trying to pay for the rest of the year. This leaves me with a lot more time and a little less money that I was supposed to have.

On the bright side, I am getting a lot of knifemaking done.

thanks for the warm greeting....

Good time at IG's yesterday, didn't drink too much beer or whiskey or rum. I actually had more water than alcohol, which means I drank a whole lot of water :D

As usual we had great Portagee food, good job Wa..Wa..Wally.
Yup, forged a few blades, ate lots of good food, tried to side step as much twisted humor as possible, and visited with some great guys. THANKS George, you're quite the host! Sorry about skipping out on KP. Hey, I did pick up after your pack of dogs several times though...and that ain't no picnic. Thanks for sharing your sweetheart with me. ;)

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It was nice seeing you again, yeah IG is one twisted individual :eek:, though you can't deny that he's a great host :running dog:

I will be able to salvage that Damascus piece I ground all of the forge scale off of, though it will end up about an 1" shorter and a 1/4" less wide, which actually will put it closer to the dimensions that I had envisioned :D.
Sweetheart makes a good Mascot.:D When you get a big box from me it will be the dirty pots and pans. HEHEHEHEHE!!!
Scar, did really well, made a cable billet and forge it into one good size blade and one small one.
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