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Farmer Phil, is coming for his yearly visit. I am shotting for 7/17. It will be $30 a head. Give me a heads up if you want to attend.2guns
I'll be shottin to be there President Bubba:D2thumbs

Is my apartment still occupied:D
Dern it, I was hoping to sneak in under the radar. Geesh, I sure hope I can make it. IG you're a forge partying son-of-a-gun! Thanks for your ongoing hospitality.

I should have a new Evenheat oven with me (via Tracy's store sent to my Mom and Pop's in NH.) I'm hoping some of you good folks will be able to help shorten my learning curve with programing it.

Bring your choppers and slicers, shavers and benders so you can show me how to do that stuff...or, if you're like me, try and figure it out.

Sorry to miss you Dan. Have fun in Oregon. Shawn are you making it to the ABS hammer-in in Maine the following weekend? Have you thought about doing the JS performance test? I'm thinking about it, if I can pull it all together.

All the best, Phil
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Phil so much for under the wire, you should know that Wa..Wa..Wally never can keep his mouth shut. I'll be there, I hope :D
Now this is getting scarey.:eek: We have a MD and a Lawyer coming to the HI.:D Now, if we have an accident we have care on hand.2thumbs But the Lawyer maybe another problem,pup2 but the last time he was here, he caught himself on fire. HEHEHEHE!!!
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Hey Phil,yes I am planning on going to the ABS hammer in- and no on the performance test-still a little soon for me:)
Talked with Kook, he won't be coming, he has a pig roast/kegparty/birthdayparty. Nothing wrong with that.

See ya Saturday, I'll bring the portagee rolls & sweet bread, yum yum :cool:
I look forward to seeing you guys. Hey Larry, how about giving me a tutorial or two or on using IG's Lincoln buzz box? My stick welding could sure use some improving!
The food for the HI will be.
My world famous hamburges ( marinte and grinder the meat)
Fresh salad from the garden
Potato salad
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Hey IG. Unfortunately I may not be able to attend:(

My pickup truck crapped the bed. She needs a turbo unit and she's still down.huh1

I'll call you during the week buddy!
Hello Everyone,
Unfortunately, I just joined this forum, and found out about the gathering. I can't come, due to going camping with my snookums.

However, I am an avid bladesmith, living in Cheshire, CT. If it's ok with y'all (I'm Texan), I would like to take part in future mischief.

I like to forge historical pattern-welded stuff, especially seaxs and kindjals, but I play with most types of knives.

I have only been doing this stuff for a couple of years, so I am early in the learning process. Not quite "newbie" but a long way from a seasoned pro. I posted a couple of pics of historically-inspired seaxs in the Maker's Shop Talk area earlier.

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Kevin, the more the merrier. 2thumbsYou got an open invite to come on over to the shop (I don’t do Sundays).:D
I am here most of the time. We will be having a Guild HI in September, which we have a 30 to 40 for a headcount.