Guns, Cut N Shoots and other dual threat weapons

Are there any other modern knife makers that have made these type projects?

Ron Newton is the first that comes to mind along with Wade Colter. Ray Mead is finishing up one right now. I,m only able to do one per year because of all my other commitments with knives.
You guys are killing me. I am doing my best to resist the urge of trying to make a cut'nshoot or a straight pistol. I am nowhere near the level needed to make a gun you can shoot but all these cool pics makes me want to try a dummy one anyway. :(

But I still do appreciate this of course. ;)
Thanks for sharing.
i jsut got a lathe and i have had a BP rifle for parts for a while (maybe a 4th o july noise maker is in the works)
Finished another one today Gents!!! 15" overall long w/ 9 1/4" blade. Desert Ironwood scales dovetailed into sideplates. 4" long x .36calibre black powder muzzleloader...




Man they're looking better all the time! That's just awesome, congratulations!

Where do you find the barrels anyway? I've asked around at local gun shows but they just look at me like I'm crazy (got me figured out right off).
Outstanding work again!

Would this be something you would make a holster/sheath for? or is this really a presentation-type piece? (not to imply that the owner wouldn't want to shoot it)
Double Trouble

Watching Bruce's inspirational WIP I decided to try my hand at a double barrel knife combo. It still needs loads of work and finishing.
Today I took it out to test fire. It actually is pretty accurate at 20 feet. Those double 40 caliber barrels pack a punch. Although no misfires I'll
need to put stronger springs to smooth out the action. This began as a piece of half inch steel and I've milled out as much unnecssary steel as possible but it still weighs 4 lbs. Probable works better as a club!
The blade is just rough ground with a light etch, after heat treatment I'll make it pretty. If there is any interest I took some pics of the beginnings. Making knives is certainly so much easier.
Paul Spurgas
DoubleTrouble4.jpgDoubleTrouble 3.jpgDoubleTrouble 2.jpgDoubleTrouble 1.jpg
Paul, thanks for putting the pictures up here on my cut n shoot thread. Your double barreled folder looks awesome! It's cool you used some of my tricks but your own design and flair. Do you have any progress shots? A peek inside on those cool barrels and locks would be interesting.
The ultimate Cut n Shoot book

Blades and barrels: Six centuries of combination weapons
H. Gordon Frost

1972, out of print and $300 used.

I have this book. Its a prized possession from my good friend Steven Janik. What a guy! What a book!