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For those that don't know, I own www.USAKnifemaker.com - your favorite knife supply company - hopefully

We started the business almost by accident from my house. I bought a big run of Norax 9" disc's I had custom made so I could use them in my own knifemaing. I thought I would buy a bunch, sell the extra's I didn't need and have some for myself. One thing led to another and for the first 3 years I added a few items here and there, took orders, packed and shipped it all from my house. The fourth year my wife started helping because it was too much. I still had a full time day job. The fifth year it got crazy and we hired a part time person to help, bought a small warehouse, hired a couple more people. The sixth year into this and we now have 7 full time and 3 part time people. I worked nights and weekends on the business as best I could and my wife manages the business during the work week.

Today I turned in my two notice at my day job of 30 years and will be coming full time to the knife business. I won't be a full time knife maker but I sure can get back to making more of them than I am now. I couldn't be happier. I thought I would share.

Thank you for all your business. We appreciate it...


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Congrats on taking such a big step! Looks like you have a winning business plan and I sure you will be successful. And you are my favorite supplier!

Dan Pierson

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Congratulations on the big step. May your business continue to prosper. I'll certainly keep ordering from you.

Brad Lilly

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Congratulations! I'm sure it will work out great. Don't forget your supposed to work less once you retire, not more.


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Congratulations Boss! I wish you and your wife the best of luck in this new chapter!


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Many Congrats on your success!
I am in my second year in owning a knife sharpening & Retail cutlery store where I sell my knives and I also work 8 days a week!

It will happen if we work for it! even in this wonderful economy.

I wish you the best in your continued success!



Frank Hunter

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Tracy, I have to hand it to you. You were one of the first sources of information that I went to when I started and I still use the vast majority of methods that your website and forum taught me. Everything from the plate quench, etch, mirror finish all would have been a great deal more trial and error if you hadn't beat a path first. I'm starting my 2nd year full time and I wouldn't be here otherwise. Thank you so much, and best of luck going forward.


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Way to go Boss Dog...with the service your company gives it's no wonder you are such a success. ...Teddy

Jim Coffee

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Congrats Tracy, That's a big step. I know you will make it work and I can't wait to see what USA knife makers supply becomes with you there fulltime. Thanks for all you do for us..

Rudy Joly

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Congrats Tracy and good luck.
With you in the shop, I'll get my orders even quicker than before.....if that's even possible.


Drew Riley

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Hey Boss,
I think putting your notice in after 30 years is usually called retirement! :s12137:
Congrats on the "move up". I'll be placing an order soon in an attempt to help keep you busy. ;)

Burl Source

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Congratulations and Good Luck.
From what I can see;
Your prices are good
You treat people good
and people like you.
Sounds like you are doing the right thing.

Steven Long

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Man, you are a machine. I figured running this website and the supply store was a full time job. You have just given me inspiration to work harder and achieve more.

Congratulations Boss!