first knife



So today IG and me started my first project its a tsuka maki he suppose to be put the pic of it when i was done on the bench grinder just got to finish it up on Tuesday.
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Lil' Mikey Jr. is my next door neighbor. His father takes him deer hunting, fishing and etc. Mikey tell the story of your last bow hunting episode. HEHEHEHEHE!!
He has a problem with some of the tools in the shop.:what!: They are just eye level to him, got to get a stool for him.:taz:
-so it was the afternoon hunt im in the stand it was one of thoose days were its dead imean no cracksso i start to to a snooze so a nice buck walk rite under my stand and my dads rite behind mee siting in the brush soo he waits for the deer to walk by then he chucks acorns at mee until he hit e thenn he got mad
Hey Mike, looking forward to watching you make your knife.
Hi Mikey, welcome to the pound. Gotta keep them eyes open if you want to get the big buck. :) Looking forward to seeing your finished knife.

ill have george put some pic of it up when i complete it. George we still on for today
Yep!!! Do you want to come with me to Harbor Freight Tools this morning??? Plus we need to pick some veggies from the garden.
okk i have to see wit my dad if he let me or if he wants mee to do somthing