Finally JKR Knives Website

Coming along good brother.

Pics look good on the About Us page. Great lookin kids you got there.

Thanks for the link. That reminds me that I need to finish my link page :bud:


Well my wife Katie loves you right now. Thank you for answering all my questions over the last year.

If I can't figure out how to change the back ground Or if I canMt I might have to fine a new web host. Right now I am working On a logo makers mark. Have a couple of ideas. Wow I thought a knife was work. But it will be worth it. Stay tuned.
Good start on your site

I took a look at your web page it looks like your off to a good start. Few more pics and it will really be nice. There should be some canned tutorials on setting up your site that can help you (I dunno if you have those) but they can come in handy sometimes. Good luck and if I can help just give a hollar.