Falcon neck knife

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Hello and good day. I wanted to show off a few Falcon's

These knifes are about as awesome of a cutting tool as you could ever want. There quick to deploy, and deadly sharp. the blade design lends itself to many cutting tasks. from skinning a bear to opening a package from Grandma..

The Falcon,
Specs for the 1095 Falcon
6 inches OAL with a 2 1.2 cutting edge.
Kydex sheath and lanyard cord with adjustable slider.

I offer these in High Carbon 1095 steel as well as custom models made with our damascus..

The carry system/sheath is very cool and unique, yea, I know its just Kydex.... But take a look at the pics.. The greatest part of this carry is the "Talon".. Its a feature I think you will like and use.. Basicly you can carry this knife in many ways. As a neck knife.. or your pants pocket like a folder. I tether the pata cord to my belt and drop it into my pocket. Then when you need to deploy the knife.. just grab the handle and as you pull it out of your pocket the hook grabs the corner of your pocket and allows the sheath stays put.. Take a minuite and check out this Video Johnny made showing a couple of the carry options this sheath give the end user! [video=youtube;SEWwZWaxb50]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEWwZWaxb50[/video]

Thanks for looking. Please let me know what you think of this design!


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I think I like it, but not sure. Maybe if you send me and Keith each one to try out for a few decades it might help sway our opinions.



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I've loved this little knife from the first time I saw it! And the damascus is amazing as always, but I LOVE me some 1095 too! :)


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Those are some beautiful and functional looking knives. I like 'em all, but my fav would be the damascus ones!! They're simply stunning!

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Thanks Mr Crawford.. Its a heck of a EDC I really love using it. Not so much because I made it.. But because it works!! :)

Although i do smile a little inside every time I pull it out of my pocket.. :D And the Talon sheath does exactly what its designed to do..

Thanks again for taking the time to look at my work and comment.

God Bless YA