Eric's Confession Final

Brad Lilly

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I was on the MSN site looking for the news, and came across this guy's video. The short story is he was recording his fight with cancer. He is in the final stages of the disease and recorded his final video before he dies. I have felt lead to post this here and ask all of you to pray for Eric. My God is bigger than cancer, aids or anything else that eats away at our body's and souls.

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego faced certain death before Nebuchadnezzar and replied that their God could save them but even if he did not they would still worship him and him alone. God can save Eric's body if it his will, but none the less God is still God. God will stand beside Eric no matter what he faces and welcome Eric into Heaven itself if Eric chooses. From the video I see a guy who needs hope, and God is the only hope Eric has left.

Thanks Brad

Keith Willis

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Hard to watch Brad,...Makes you realize how blessed we really are..God is still in control
Thanks for sharing

God bless,