Dave Cole sheath and Broadwell knive


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I just had David Broadwell make a knife for me. I was going to make the sheath my self but decided to have some one else do it. I looked at different makers and decided to have Dave Cole make me something different. I wanted a wood lnlay and nobody is better than Dave on inlays. Heres PROOF. Thanks Dave and Dave B. Thanks Chuck for the picture. KT


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Josh Dabney


GLAD I got to handle this one ! First time handling a Broadwell and what a knife it is. Of course DC's magic is of the expected caliber as well.

Great package, Congrats buddy


Kris Martinelli

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Incredible!!! I swear we have some of the best knife makers here!!! Just when you think you seen it all. Beautiful knife and sheath, pure art!!!

Chef Niloc

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Very cool!
I would have never thought to do a wood inlay in a sheath, I love the way it looks.
Nice knife too:)