D2 Hunter-Camper


This stock tactical is a larger and thicker version of a tactical style I have made before. This one has a tapered tang so is pretty tip heavy. It would make short work of bone and kindling for sure. Specs are 13" OA and 7.5" sharp D2, .265 at ricasso, 3x temper-LN2 cryo, black/blue G10 w. Loveless bolts and ss tube. Sheath is my tactical leather style. Thanks for lookin' and comments welcome.

Update- I was reminded that B_sse has an "incontestable trademark" on the hole in the lower guard and wanted to bring this to others attention. I was ignorant of this fact and thought it looked good and will "cease and desist" from any and all lower guard thong holes in future. Though they have not contacted me, if I were to push a line of knives with these holes I think they would take exception. Spyderc@ was only one I knew of....




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Thanks a lot for the nice comments guys- always means a lot coming from other knifemakers...

Mark, on your finish question- It was polished to X16 or 800 grit- I figure when I sell it I will offer a free beadblast if is dealbreaker...
I think your camp is safe with that bad boy around.
Nice work all around Aus, I really like the sheath. It reminds me of my Nam era SOG sheath.

Thanks Rudy- yes it does have a SOG look to it- the leather weighs more than kydex but is also silent on draw, which could count in close quarters.
Thanks Mobl- agreed- enjoyed making this one.

Np Mark- I know the high gloss isn't for everyone (particularly soldiers) on a tactical, but can always bead blast if to be shipped out...