Curtiss Knives "CONVICTED" flipper

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Here's another done. This is a knife I haven't done in a while. "CONVICTED". It's 8.90" opened, 5.25" closed with a 3.75" blade. This one has AKS bearings on the pivot. It also has an internal lock bar. Blade steel is 5/32" of CPM-S35VN. Thanks for looking!

Convicted 2.jpgConvicted 6.jpgConvicted 7.jpgConvicted 4.jpgConvicted 1.jpgConvicted 3.jpgConvicted 5.jpg


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Dave, you've been turning out some really killer designs lately. This looks like another winner.

Fred Rowe

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Totally not a style I care for, but this knife is captivating in many ways. It is well thought out and executed. It has beautiful flow in both its open and closed positions. The grinds are screaming; sorry the only adjective that came to mind.

If I should see you at the shows I want to handle this beauty.


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Amazing detail in design. Never seen that grind before. Never seen that kind od Ti patterning before.


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Nice kniife Dave. I like the way the lines flow. The design of this knife causes the eyes of the observer to continuously scan. There is a lot going on and a lot to take in.
I'm very impressed.