Christmas KITH

OK, first off, for all those who don't know what a KITH is, it means, Knife in the Hat. This is going to be a Knifemakers KITH so that means you will make a knife and send it to someone else and in return, you will receive a knife from another maker.

To keep this thread from getting too cluttered and hard to keep up with, please use this thread for ENTRIES ONLY. I'll start another thread for pics, updates, & questions.

When we're ready to draw, I'll put all the names in a hat and draw them one at a time and list the order they were drawn. I'll start with the first name and go down the list. The person at the top will send his knife to the person below him and so on. The person at the bottom will send his knife to the person at the top.

Please remember that some knives will be better than others so don't enter if you're not cool with receiving what you consider to be the worst knife in the KITH. If you're cool with that then, by all means, enter and enjoy the fun. Who knows, the knife you get may just have the mark of a famous maker a few years from now. Again, its all about fun and friendship, not about getting a collector grade knife even though you might actually wind up with one.

I'm not going to set any skill levels or requirements. I'm going to use the honor system. If YOU feel comfortable with making a quality knife then enter. If you don't think you can make a knife that another maker would be glad to receive then don't enter. Remember, it doesn't have to be a collector grade knife but it does need to be made to the best of your ability.

I'm going to make a suggestion but it isn't a requirement. I'd like to see you guys try something that you've been wanting to try but haven't done yet. Please don't tackle the impossible but this is a perfect chance to increase your skill level even if only a small bit. It could be as simple as your 1st hand rubbed finish or as complicated as your 1st frame handle. Its up to you but remember, its not a requirement. If you try something new, please let us know about it in the details when you post it.


1. You must have your entry ready to ship by 12/01/2015. You should also post some pics of the entry in the other thread on or before this date.
2. Materials are totally up to the maker. Just be sure that you use quality materials. Quality doesn't mean Damascus and Ivory. 1084 & Micarta will be fine as long as your fit and finish are taken to the best of your ability. Again, when designing your knife and choosing materials, ask yourself if you would be happy with your entry if you received it.
3. Any style/type is fine. Fixed blades, folders, miniatures, kitchen knives, etc. are all fine.
4. All entries must include a quality sheath, Saya, or padded case. Again, quality doesn't mean fancy, just made to the best of your ability.
5. I'm not going to allow kit blades. As much work as possible should be done by the maker. Sending out for H/T, coatings, etc. is fine but please remember that this KITH is for makers so try to do as much as possible in your shop.
6. Someone brought up a good point about foreign entries and customs hassles so I'm going to limit this KITH to members in the USA only. I apologize to any foreign members that were interested in entering. I don't want to put any limits on what can be made and would hate to see someone be the recipient of a knife that would be illegal to receive due to customs regulations.

I think that's is as far as rules. If anybody can think of anything that I left out please send me a PM. I can add more if needed.

To enter make a post promising to have an entry ready to ship by 12/01/2015 and PM me your name, shipping address, email, & phone #.

Remember, this thread is for ENTRIES ONLY. Please ask questions and post pic/updates in the other thread.

Verified entrants list. You must PM me your contact info. to be added.

1. Matt De Clerq.........................Shipped 12/04/15...Received 12/09/15
2. Erik Land-cnccutter.................Shipped 12/07/15...Received 12/07/15
3. James Clair-archer moon..........Shipped 12/??/15...Received 12/??/15
4. Chris Hunt-funkyjedi................Shipped 12/05/15...Received 12/??/15
5. Justin Presson.........................Shipped 12/03/15...Received 12/??/15
6. Dennis Moreland-DeMo.............Shipped 12/03/15...Received 12/07/15
7. Antony Self-Self made knives....Shipped 12/07/15...Received 12/??/15
8. Brandant Robinson-BrandantR..Shipped 12/05/15....Received 12/??/15
9. Darrin Sanders.......................Shipped 12/04/15...Received 12/08/15
10. Jon Kelly..............................Shipped 12/03/15...Received 12/14/15
11. Alan Kritzman-Akritz..............Shipped 12/03/15...Received 12/??/15
12. Chris Jones-CAJones..............Shipped 12/04/15...Received 12/05/15
13. Paul Baker-Akwildman............Shipped 12/??/15..Received 12/??/15
14. John Wilson..........................Shipped 12/??/15...Received 12/17/15
15. Daniel Rohde........................Shipped 12/03/15..Received 12/??/15

OK, here is the final list. We only had 2 dropouts. You send your knife to the person below your name. The person at the bottom sends his to the person at the top. I need you guys to do 3 more things to finish this up smoothly. Here they are;
1. Send your mailing address to the person you're getting a knife from.
2. In a PM, send me the shipping date of your package.
3. Let me know when you receive your knife.

If anyone has any problems please let me know ASAP.
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Jon Kelly

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I'm in for my first KITH as well. Thanks Darrin and to all who participate as well. It should be fun.


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Cant wait to greet the postal guy! this is going to be a fun Christmas.

PM's sent to booth the giver and getter, just waiting for replys.