Central Arkansas Shop Visit


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:thumbup1:Just received this email about a visit and thought some of you guys just might like to come.

Saturday, September 18 at 29 Collins Industrial Pl bldg 1-A. Arkansas Knife Makers Association is sponsoring a shop visit from 10:00 a.m. until 3:30 p.m.

Mastersmiths Ron Newton, Lin Rhea and John Perry will be giving demos and hands-on lessons. Uncle Al Lawrence will also attend and will be selling knife making supplies.

Invite your friends and come on out!

The address is Maumelle, North Little Rock.
I promise it will be worth a little trip:thumbup1:
JP has a BIG shop, so there is plenty of room, and you know food will be close at hand with a southern boys get-to-gather :biggrin:


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Well Murph,
That's easy enough. Here's your line
"Honey I'll only be gone for a couple of hours and that will give you and your mom time to visit without me hanging around interrupting ya'll. When I get back we'll all go out to dinner:biggrin:"

And there is the last Thursday of the month if she won't let you go play.