Bowie for Little Rock Show

Karl B. Andersen

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Got this one just sent off to Scott Teaschner for some of his leather magic!
It will be quite admirable I am certain.
I'll be sure to post up some more pics when I get the sheath back.
The Bowie is for a delivery in Little Rock to some chap from England. ;)
W2 Bowie blade with a nice hamon, mild steel hot-blued Lazy "S" guard and an ultra fantastic piece of Ironwood! Wish I had a basket of this laying around!
Might be the nicest piece of Ironwood I've ever used.





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That is a nice one Karl, tons of activity in the steel and your right about the Iron wood. Very nice indeed.


Big Rick

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I'm proud to say that this knife will be joining my collection of Bowies and I have to say that Karl has made a fantastic job making this piece.

I also looking forward to seeing what Scott comes up with, Karl tells me it will be something special!