Bob Neal


Knife Dealer Extraordinaire
I just read that Bob was in a bad motorcycle accident. Send some smoke and prayers for our friend Bob!!
Smoke and Good Vibes going out!!
Found this:

If you would like to please send cards to Bob at:

Grady Health System
80 Jesse Hill Jr Drive SE
ICU 7L – James Robert (Bob) Neal
Atlanta, GA 30303
Man, I sure know how he feels. Bike wrecks are very painful. Hope his injuries are not too bad.

Hang in there Bob, we are all pulling for you.

Unfortunately Bob has Passed away. He was a great guy and will be dearly missed. Our prayers go out to Bob and his Family.
He passed away. RIP Mr. Neal. Prayers out to his family & friends.
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Comfort and Strength going out Bob's Family and Friends...
Every time you hear thunder rumbling Upstairs,
that'll be Bob,rolling on smooth highways free from reckless cagers,
where there ain't no speedtraps,and there ain't no bugs to hit his grin.
Ride In Peace amigo.