Bladeshow 2021

Where are you that banned the AR 15?
Canada, also now known as Canuckistan...they banned 1500 items on 1 MAY 2020. We are suing the Feds to get it overturned. They then snuck in a couple of thousand others by calling them "variants". Also anything over 20mm bore or in excess of 10,000 joules at the muzzle. We did of course point out that this includes every 10 and 12 gauge, as there are at least 3 ways of measuring the bore and they did not specify how they measured, and it includes pretty much everything over 416 Rigby...stupid, yes, as it was supposed to be new gun control measures to keep people safe, but obviously does not affect CRIMINALS at all, only legal owners. Stupid feds...
just like here, by gosh and by golly . I feel safer now, how about you? You mean criminals won't adhere to all this snowflake legislation? Holy crap, who'da thunk?
The new legislation is SO BAD even the gun grabbers want it scrapped! You know the legislation is bad when EVERYBODY wants it scrapped, LOL! Then they passed new legislation to reduce minimum penalties, and lessen gun offence penalties...go figure...
Your pols must have gone to school here in the peoples republic of california. Same song, different choir.
Yeah, but I see your ban just got overturned;). Our pols all just spout crap they know plays well with their base, then back peddle when in office. Cripes,our beloved leader was caught in blackface 3 times (that he REMEMBERS), and the morons still re-elected him.