"big one"

Wade Hougham

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This knife is named after what some people called my dad "BIG ONE" who passed away in April of 2011.
The hand forged antigued leaf spring blade is 12 1/8" long and the over all length is 19 1/4". The handle is elk antler crown with bronze.
As always any and all comments are welcome.

Church & Son

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SWEET!! Send it to me ...now...That antler work is amazin' and blade ain't to shabby either.
Brother Wade you never fail to amaze me.....


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Wade....awesome work dude. Your work has always impressed me, and this one is sooo nice. Good job!
Sorry about your dad. My dad went to be with the Lord in 06. Hid friends called him Sarge from his military service. I miss him so much.



Wade that is really nice- really like the elk antler and bronze and blade is awesome. Sorry to hear about your dad- nice way to comemmorate him with a great knife like that.