Back Surgery

Ernie Swanson

Well, I had back surgery yesterday. It went ok but I am in lots of pain and move really slow. I hate drugs so I take as few pain killers as I can. I hope it work and the pain is gone once I heal. Otherwise I have to get a fusion.

Sorry, had to vent.
Yes take the time to heal, dont rush it but dont sit around and get all stiffened up either. My granny always said to "do what the doctor says" young man. God Speed Ernies healing.
Hi Ernie,
I'm glad to hear that you passed on the spinal fusion for the surgery. That's the last thing you want to do. There is no going back! As i said in your previous post I've had three disks removed and had to have them fused at the same area.

Like everyone has already said! Take it easy and relax!
Also this is a time when it's ok to use the pain medication as prescribed! Also it may be a bit worse "The Pain"
in a few days when the healing starts.

I've been through more medical C&^% that I want to list! But the good news is that through it all I have always had faith that better days lye ahead! And they have!
I have a great life today with my wife and knife making and the store & many more gifts!

My cup runneth over!
So hang in there and get the rest you need to heal and everything will work out!

Been there, done it Ernie, and you definitely have my sympathy. Just take it slow and easy and I understand about not wanting to take a bunch of pain pills.
I understand completely Ernie, I've been through a bunch of stuff like that. Hang in there and keep pluggn' away. My prayers are with you.
I hope you healing well Ernie, my last rotator cuff surgery went well and am glad I had it done, God Bless.
I forgot I made this thread, I suppose I could update.
I am healing good, the wound is healing good, Its only about 2 inches long. I didnt even get a cool scar :p
I am having some worries though, when I am standing I get nerve pain in both hips and have felt it down the leg. The back pain has not really changed much, by the time I get done with a shower I am really sore. The do is going to try oral steroids next to try to get rid of any inflammation, he says it might be from how long the disc was bulged. There is still another herniated disc at my L5-S1 that he chose not to operate on. If the steroids dont work I might be getting a fusion at the L4-L5 and maybe the L5-S1. It really sucks, I cant bend, twist, or lift yet per his orders. I am getting pretty stir crazy.

Thanks all for the prayers and wishes, it means alot!!
glad to hear that you are healing up Ernie.

I have a compressed disk in my neck which physical therapy (so far) has helped with. I would imagine that some physical therapy will be part of your recovery plan wouldn't it? It can help a lot.
Best wishes for you Ernie. GO slow and do what they say . It is a long way back in most cases but there are rewards.