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Thanks a lot Ted!
Actually that’s how Ive ground for a long time and I’ve got to do something safer. I tried the paper masks and they fogged up my safety glasses really bad. I do have a dust collector right under the belt but it definitely doesn’t catch it all. I haven’t made any blade since this spring because I’ve been building my new shop and I completely intend to buy a good mask when I get started up again. Any suggestions?
i have good luck with a painters style mask...two canisters. They flow the air real easy and are super adjustable.

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My biggest project to date and first ever hidden/through tang. Loosely based on a Confederate States of America D-Guard Bowie or short sword. 80crv2 blade that I tried a hamon on and no surprise, didn’t get... Got somewhat of a temper line though.
Walnut handle and farriers rasp guard. First time doing any forging that in depth also. Keeping the top and bottom of the guard square and flat was pretty tricky. A563B8C0-A1B3-425C-A65A-8DDD70FB6988.jpeg

Any comments or critiques are appreciated
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