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Discussion in 'Introduction Page' started by Dave907, Jun 8, 2010.

  1. Dave907

    Dave907 New Member

    Hi All,

    I'm a hobbyist bladesmith living in Anchorage Alaska.

    I'm a regular on Don Fogg's forum, and followed a link from it to this site.

    I really liked all the tutorials posted here. No matter how long you've been making knives, there is always something new to learn.

    Attached are some photos of my most recently completed project.

    875 layers of feathered "W" pattern (1095/15n20 mix)
    19.5" Blade.
    28.5" OAL.
    Brazilian Rosewood handle.
    Brass spacers.
    Blued damascus and mild steel fittings.

    The sword was designed by The Mad Dwarf Workshop. I built it with their permission after they posted a sketch of it on Don Fogg's forum.

    You can view more of my work here:

    I see that several members of Don's forum are also on this one, so I can tell already there are good folks here.

    Looking forward to chatting and learning from you all.


    Dave Stephens

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  2. Rock

    Rock Well-Known Member

  3. Original

    Original Well-Known Member

    Hi Dave, Welcome to knife Dogs!! I lived in Anchorage from 80-89, miss Alaska very much.

    You are right, this site is special and full of great people.

    That's some excellent work you are putting out. Take care, Dave Hakes.
  4. Keith Willis

    Keith Willis Well-Known Member

    Welcome Dave,good to have ya.

    God bless,Keith
  5. HHH Knives

    HHH Knives Super Moderator

    2thumbs Hey Dave, Welcome to Knife Dogs!
  6. johnny warner

    johnny warner Well-Known Member

    Dave, welcome to the Dawg Pen. Nice work posted, do you know Virgil England or Bob Willis?
  7. maxcutter03

    maxcutter03 Well-Known Member

    Welcome Dave..17 years in Alaska tired of the cold.
  8. Bennie Lovejoy

    Bennie Lovejoy Well-Known Member

    Hello Dave. Welcome to KD.
  9. murphda2

    murphda2 Super Moderator and KD Blade Show Boss

    Welcome to the pack Dave. Very nice looking work you have shared with us. Thank you. We all look forward to seeing more.
  10. Dave907

    Dave907 New Member

    Thanks for the warm welcome guys.

    Johnny -- I have met Virgil England before, but don't really know him. He does some amazing work.

    I have heard of Bob Willis, but never met him.

    I don't sell my knives, so I don't really run in any of the circles the professional makers do.


  11. joe sangster

    joe sangster Well-Known Member

    Welcome , Dave . I am a former Alaskan , 35 yrs on Kenai Peninsula . Very nice work on the sword. Keep the pics coming .

  12. martentrapper

    martentrapper Active Member

    Welcome from far western Alaska.
  13. Ernie Swanson


    Hello and Welcome to Knife Dogshi there 1
  14. Wood Stabilizer

    Wood Stabilizer Well-Known Member

    Hi Dave, Welcome to Knife Dogs!

  15. N.D.

    N.D. Well-Known Member

    hi there 1kewlpics1luvsite1

    Great looking work! 2thumbs

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