A new forge

Von Gruff

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I decided I NEEDED a new forge after the heat treating of the chef set with the longer blades. With the present forge having a single burner it concentrates the heat within a aprox 6 inch portion of the 4x2 muffler tube and it taes time to thoroughly heat through both ends of the blades and tang. It s okay with the standard 4-5 inch carbon steel blades but the longer stainless blades in the foil wrap are a different story.
When I was the city the other week I went to the scrap yard and bought a large gas tank

The guys at the yard are really good and this chap had made a turntable to sit the tank on with the plasma cutter held in a jig so the cut of the tank is square and even.

I had it cut to 24 inches as I intend to build a three burner set up.

The dia of the tank as cut was 14 1/2 inches which is a bit on the large size

I marked and cut an 8 inch section out of it so that when it was ratcheted down for the ends to meet again it now measured 12 inches in dia and is the same size as the standard 9lb bottle which is what my present forge is made from.

So at 12 inches in dia and 24 inches long I will get a decent forge from it now. Have ordered the burners and refractory kit so that should be here next week I think then I can make a start on putting it together.

Von Gruff

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Nice! I have a one burner forge. Ben thinking about a two or three burner. They burn a lot of gas though.
A two burner would have done but when I spoke to the head honcho from the Australian supplier he was very accomadating and offered me a price on the three smaller burners that he knew from experience would easily get to 1250 C (2280F) that was a better price than getting two larger burners which would have to be spaced further apart in the forge. The three burner forge has two from one side and one from the other and I will be using a 4x2 muffler tube with a1/2 in spacer under it so that with the burners at about 30 degrees from TDC and aimed at the center of the forge they will hit about an inch up from the bottom of the muffler and being able to flow heat under the muffler as wel as directing it at about an inch up from the bottom will heat more quickly and evenly than any other set up could do. I will very often only open the front two burners but having the third one will alow for blades up to about 20 inches if need be. I have been designing this in my head during the sleepless arts of the night so made a sart today of marking out the front and rear plates which will be in 1/4 inch steel and held to the round body with 4 bolts each end for easy relining if and when that is ecessary. I am going to use high temp fire brick in the base covered with refractory cement to give me a more durable floor than the normal kao wool.

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A 9" Ribbon Burner would be a good choice for a longer more even heat. See the attachments at the Forge Supplies page of my web-site.
Let me know if I can help you.

Von Gruff

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I got some 1/4 in plate and marked out the forge ends. I will weld bolts to the ends to attach them to the forge body so that when it needs relining as they do over time, it will be a simple unbolting ro get access to the interior again.

Cut some feet from 2x2 box and cut and ground curves to suit the underside of the body before welding them in place