2x72 Grinder Hacks - For Reeder & Others


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I've had my Reeder grinder about 3 years and have found it to be well built and very versatile. I've also found there are a number of modifications to the grinder that improves its operation. Most of the mods I've done on the Reeder are also applicable to other grinders.
Here's the first one:
Tension Arm Handle Extension - it seems most 2x72 tension arm handles are positioned like Reeder's, see the brass handle sticking out of the modified handle. Sticking out at 90 degrees this original handle requires an extended arm and downward pressure to release the belt and/or engage the tension latch. To me that handle position was really awkward and required use of the tension latch to remove and install a belt.
The new handle extension offers added leverage AND is in a position that is more compatible for arm movements - a pulling motion rather than a downward pushing motion . This handle extension eliminates the use of the tension latch, so I change belts using ONLY this handle to both remove and install a belt.
To install a belt I initially feed it around 3 pulleys, down across the platen, pull the handle down and feed it around the lower platen pulley. A quick, comfortable belt change.
In certain grinding situations the handle can be in the way. So, I designed it to rotate around the original handle and lay back out of the way. It can also slide off if necessary.



Edit 11/20/21: Added the following photos:
I'll add another hack shortly.
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I'm sure a lot of people have hacks they have done to their 2x72 grinders maybe this should be a sticky? Then anyone can add a hack and all of the hacks would be under 1 thread??
Great idea. How is that accomplished? Can I move this thread to a sticky or does the moderator have to do it?


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Here's another modification - Grit Guard. This one is designed specifically for the Reeder grinder. I've seen other grinders that have some sort of grit guard above the tracking wheel. It's curious Reeder doesn't have this guard as a standard item.
Not having this guard allows belt grit and grinding swarf to come flying off the belt at just about eye level. I've also installed a rear grit deflector, simply by holding a piece of sheet metal in place with a magnet. That rear guard catches stuff that flies off the drive wheel at the rear.

The little turned down lip rides just above the belt and helps grab any carryover moving along the plane of the belt forward of the tracking wheel.
The guard is cut out so as to allow the tracking mechanism to move freely.
The rear guard keeps grit from flying out the back of the machine. Its held loosely in place with a magnet. That neodymium magnet helps catch ferrous material coming off the belt.


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Here is a leverage arm on a KMG. Not as sweet as Bob's, but does the trick and lays back outta the way. I'd like to take credit for this idea on the KMG but something in the back of my mind says this might have been Caffrey's idea way back when we first got the machines. Material selection was "what's in the shop today".
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The h"hack" thatI want is an integral jig that has a KMG style small wheel holder like Uncle Al's standalone machine With smaller wheels you have a bit of standoff and could use a file guide to set the "plunge" and hit the same spot every time. Some of the others that I have seen don't appear to do that.


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Here's a hack I did on my Reeder it could be done to any grinder though. I Bought a Multi-Platen from Jamie at Polar Bear Forge put a 2" rubber wheel and a 4" rubber wheel along with a glass lined steel platen. Tapped the platen for a 1/2x13 bolt, then made it so the 1/2x13 all thread (wheel shafts) was flush on the side where the tooling arm was, this allows me to rotate platen into any position 360 degrees! It also allows me to rotate the platen 180 degrees and have a slack belt too. The only thing I would change on this setup would be the 4" Rubber wheel diameter its to small the way the platen from PBF is cut (I may still trim the PBF platen bottom by 1/2" still I like the 4" wheel). This mod gave me. 2" rubber wheel, 4" rubber wheel, flat glass lined platen slack, belt and the ability to rotate the platen to any angle I want with no tooling arm changes.


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Gene Kimmi

Here’s a couple.

I made spacers for my small wheel holder to push the wheel out further. I use this when grinding in a gut hook.

I take my platen off to do any slack belt grinding, usually in handles. Lining it back up with the wheels got to be a pain, so once it was in place, I drilled holes through the plate and angle iron brackets. Now I can use pins to align it Much faster.