2014 Knifemaker Holiday Gift Exchange

J. Hoffman

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Smithy came up with the great idea of a holiday gift exchange last year. I talked with Smithy, and he gave me his blessing to run it this year. Everything will remain the same this year. Nothing expensive, just something that would be useful to ANY knifemakers. The maximum value of the gift to be $25.00 or less. A set of scales, a piece of known quality steel, guard material...that kind of 'stuff'. As Bruce Bump said last year, think toys not socks. Post in this thread that you want to enter, and then send me an email with your name, screen name and address. The final day to enter will be December 12. By December 14th I will match names and send you the contact info for your recipient. Please have your package in the mail by December 18th. Email your info to mooseyard@gmail.com. If I missed anything, please let me know.

In so far:
-Scott-Need address
-Steve-Need address
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Bruce Bump

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Hi Jess,
Yes this is a wonderful idea. The $25 present is easy enough for any of us not so with a complete knife as in some years past. If everybody simply carries through with their promise to deliver on time there are happy kids. I'd love to play again this year, thanks for playing Santa.

J. Hoffman

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Yes Bruce, I hope everyone follows through. It is far better to give than receive, but receiving is nice also.


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If Jess, Larry, Steve and Bruce are in, then I'm in! This must be some kind of sophisticated club I need to be a member of, I'm in, I'm in, I'm in.:happy:


Steven Janik

Since this is a "sophisticated" club, will we be issued special tinfoil hats to wear to the meetings?
My head size is xxl (large brain).


Jess, I did it last year and made a great friend. Laurence and I exchanged gifts and phone calls. Getting to know another person that shares your passion is great.

I sent you a PM with my contact info.

Thanks for heading this up this year. Now I got to find my hat from last year.