2 hunter WIP

I had to work on another project today. So not much of an update.
They came out fairly straight with the one on the right having a 2-1/2 thousand warp in it because I ground it a wee bit thin for pre-heat treat. It's not a problem and will grind out pretty easy.
I use a marble tile from Lowe's with a piece of 60 grit sand paper to prep the liner material. The tile allows controlled even pressure. Now I clean everything up with alcohol and let it dry overnight.
This is why I love Koa. At 60 grit with rubbing alcohol most of its beauty is coming out. Can't wait too see it finished.
Had to go into work today for awhile. This was a good thing, while I was in town I stopped by a pawn shop and bought a $5 1/4" drill. One of these knives is going to have domed pins. I didn't want to drill a bunch of holes in bar stock for different lengthy pins.
I pulled the Chuck out of it and I'm going to save the rest for what ever project 10 years down the road.
A flat file made short work of the rounded ends of the Chuck.
20190104_154012-966x1288.jpg 20190104_154913-966x1288.jpg
Then I chucked it up in the drill press and used the granite slab to smooth everything out. The hard wood board was used for giving the face some polish.
Everything is nice and square now.
First try turned out ok. I'm going to have to work on my hammer technique some.
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Thanks Mike. Do you think it's too much information?
I don’t think so. Seems a lot of people from brand new to highly experienced visit these forums. The experienced might skim it but still find value and interest and the brand new will study your methods and learn. I don’t think it’s too much at all.
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This morning I glued the scales to the liner material.
More uses for the marble tiles. I think they were $5 for 6 tiles, they are fairly flat and made flattening handle material, and other miscellaneous things way easier when I was first starting out. Now I'm just used too using them. I use packing tape so the epoxy doesn't stick, the scales pop right off.
So there I was all bright eyed and bushy tailed with the liners all glued up. It's going too be a productive day in the shop, decarb cleaned off the flats, blade clamped in the file guide ready to grind. Then a voice comes over the intercome...... are you ready to go shopping. I tried to put up a good fight for needing to finish these knives.... she wins EVERY TIME!
I wasn't happy with the results that I was getting using hammers that I already had for the domed pins. So I stopped by Habor Freight and bought a tack hammer. The face was pretty rough and uneven. 10 minutes with a 120 grit belt, 600 grit worn out j weight belt, and the buffer made it look a lot better.
This is an excellent wip!!! Thank you for this!
Thanks Kevin it's moving slower than I want, but I'm enjoying it.

For new makers reading this thread most of my knowledge has been gained from this forum, YouTube, and friendly makers that will respond to my texts no matter how stupid the questions. I'm still inexperienced with around 30 knives under my belt. So if any of the seasoned vets want to chime in and offer advise I'm open.