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    Some of my work

    Seved, Great looking knives and I really like your camo pattern.
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    Latest knife

    Linda's work is amazing!!!!
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    Buff Hawk

    Hey Chris, This is a real beauty and I love your scratching.:biggrin:
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    It is now Official

    Art, You have been a man of few words but your knives have always spoke for themselves. As others have mentioned your work will be missed. Life is too short not to enjoy so good luck and enjoy all that is yet to come your way.
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    A hunter I just finished.

    Damn Cal!!! This is one nice looking hunter, great work.
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    damascus knife

    That is a sweet one!!!!
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    King Limestone's Fire

    Super looking finish, a real eye opener.
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    1084 Hunter Skinner w/Ebony handle

    There have been some really nice clean looking knives posted up here lately and this one has its place among the best. Nice!!!
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    3 Sharpfingers and a Sendero

    All 4 are excellent. Very nice work.....
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    Big old chopper

    I love the aura of this knife. Great job!!!
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    Fire Starter

    Thank you all for the great comments, very much appreciated.:001_smile::001_smile::001_smile::001_smile:
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    Fire Starter

    The knife is 12 1/4" long with a 6 5/8" blade forged from cable. The handle is walrus tusk that was used as a fire starter. The bolster is musk ox and the spacers are buffalo horn. The guard is wrought iron from an old anchor chain. The beautiful sheath was made for me by KT/Terry, who I...
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    pweld and purple heart

    Kevin, Love the blade, great pattern. Looks like it has a very comfortable grip and is ready for any and every thing that is asked to do. Nice!!!
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    It's Been a While

    Steven, Good to have you back and that you haven't lost your touch. Nice work on all pieces.
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    Walrus and Cable

    Walt, Best advice I can give you would be to find another smith in the Roseburg area and ask if he could work with you on making one. I took a 1 week class to learn how to forge and my mentor, JL Stewart, showed me how as I made one and from there on I was able to make them by myself. You can...