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  • Yes me too i realy like to make this autentic knives. I will work with it today and tomorrow.:D
    As far as I know, they didn't have spacers. I believe the handle was rivoted directly to the tang.
    Good :D. Well know i have project enough. I dont have to sit and look at tv for a long time:). I have to make 10 knives for a Swedish outdoorforum to and some other knives to.
    No, a Scalper blade was much thinner, as it was used for skinning, fighting, and scalping. Usually 1/8 inch thick. Thin enough to use as a skinner or fighter, but thick enough it had no "flex" in the blade.
    Hm that will be 152-177 mm. Maybe i can re grind one of my modells. Yes i will print your picture and use it. Oh i didnt see that. Thats practical and usefull.
    The Scalper usually had a blade length of about 6-7 inches. Use my Scalper as your guide, then you can try to make your own. If you notice, the "cascade design" on the sheath is the same as on my Medicine Bag (also shown in my photo albums). All my personal items have the same design. If I lose one of my personal items at a Powwow or some other function, whoever finds it can trace it back to me, as only I have this design.
    Scalping Knives, or "Scalpers" were the most popular and widely carried knives of all the Indian tribes. We used them to fight and eat with. They are called Scalpers because when we killed an enemy, we would cut off a round section of his hair, (a scalp) then "tan" it and make a trophy of it. Each scalp represented a victory in battle. I, myself, carry a handmade Scalper as my EDC (Every day carry) knife. Go to my Weapons Album at my Profile section. The first pic you will see is my Scalper and the Sheath I made for it, I think you have seen it before. As I said, the Scalper was the most popular knife, followed by the Hudson Bay, then the Plains Dagger.
    I know alot about that knife. In the old days, they were called an Indian or Plains Dagger, or also called a "Beavertail" knife. Aside from Scalpers and the Hudson Bay Knife, they were one of the most popular knives traded to the Indians.
    I have worked this weekend:(. But i will continue tomorrow. With some grinding before HT.

    Okay, I located a very good pic of the Hudson Bay Camp Knife. Go to my Weapons Album at my Profile section and it will be the first pic you see. "Click" on the pic, and it will increase the size of the photo and give a full description of the knife. Then just make a copy for yourself.
    Yes, that's the knife. Ours had a smooth handle made of black buffalo horn or dark colored bone, with two or three large brass rivots. There are many pics of them. later tonight, I will find one and post it to your message area so you can see one.
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