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    Flame Resistant Pants

    To prevent fires I know plumbers sometimes spray the wood around pipes with water before soldering pipes. I sometimes do that to dampen my jeans a little before using the angle grinder. I only occasionally cut metal. If it was my job I would invest in the appropriate safety wear.
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    Knife WIP (Part Two)

    That is a handsome knife. So glad your first knife is going to your dad, especially with your makers mark. Very nice.
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    Etching machine build.

    Wow very professional looking, both machine and mark. Did you buy the plans or does he offer them on a site?
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    How do you etch your damascus?

    Thats a pretty deep etch for coffee. I heard others use that. I don't have a lot of experience but have settled on this right now. I have a 2:1 mixture FC to distilled water. My blade was brought up to only 400, I probably should go higher. I etch it for about 45 minutes but keep checking it. I...
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    Thick spacers?

    Thanks Chris, I need all the info I can get. I think I spend more time researching than making knives.
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    I'm seriously considering giving up knife making

    This sounds like a guy who seriously enjoys making knifes. I quit making knives 5 times in the past year. I'll probably quit again tomorrow. The bevel usually gets me every time. So I toss it, clean my mess up. Toss all my crappy belts away, sulk. I usually say " I hate my life" . That's my go...
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    Thick spacers?

    Didn't think of that? I think you are right.
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    Thick spacers?

    I love the look of adding spacers and typically I see them about 1/16 inch. Sometimes I see spacers or liners that are colors and are 1/8 inch. I haven't seen them on line. These thicker spacers are typically separating wood species on custom handles. I do know some are metal. Are they typically...
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    new makers mark

    That looks great. I'm doing something similar, Ed's theory does kind of haunt ya, doesn't it. Could you tell me the size of your stencil. Are you happy with the size?
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    Simple knife design program??

    Any simple program or Ap out there for knife design? Is CAD it?.
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    Yay or Nay on Harbor Freight Band Saw.

    I’m going to get one. I was hoping I could modify this band saw table to fit on the porta saw to save money but I will probably get the swag.
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    Yay or Nay on Harbor Freight Band Saw.

    I saw that. I do have a few vices so maybe I should go the route.
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    Yay or Nay on Harbor Freight Band Saw.

    GReat guys, I'll check it out. Is this the table that works with it. Is there a HF version. I'm not sure I really want to try an build one.
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    Yay or Nay on Harbor Freight Band Saw.

    I was just looking for a wood cutting bench top. But this seems interesting. Does that cut steel like a Milwaukee type?
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    Yay or Nay on Harbor Freight Band Saw.

    I need a band saw to rough cut scales. Will the inexpensive HF brand do that? Does anybody have 150 dollar band saw or less that is accomplishing this?