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    Glad To Be Here

    Hi and welcome to KD
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    Mountain Man Bowie

    That looks great well done.
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    Hello from Fern Creek KY

    Hi and welcome to KD
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    Hunter RWL-34 (another...)

    What a beauty.
  5. Pieter

    Started the New Year simple

    Art looking great well done.
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    Oregon howlin'

    Hi Greg and welcome to KD.
  7. Pieter

    Forged Utility knife

    Looking great well done.
  8. Pieter

    Model 28

    That is beautiful well done.
  9. Pieter

    Drop Point dressed in stag

    Max that is just awesome well done.
  10. Pieter

    Damasteel Chef knife

    Wow Randy that is just awesome.
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    New member Knifemaker checking in :)

    Hi and welcome to KD.
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    So California, saying hello.

    Hi and welcome to KD.
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    A skinner for a friend

    That looks great well done.
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    Mammoth Ivory Wharncliffe Trapper

    Wow that is beautiful well done.
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    First fixed blade knife

    Wow for a first that is great well done.