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    San Mai close-up

    That is outstanding Karl!! Thank You for posting the pic's. Mike
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    Thar she blows!!!!!

    Sweet !!!! I like it. Mike
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    Ohio Classic knife show, October 18th and 19th. WHO'S GOING?

    I will be out there for sure, A big " THANK YOU " to someone very special (my wife) and a very good friend that I finally get to meet. See you soon Jim.- Mike
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    Silent auction for american valor knives

    ANTE UP !!!!!!! #3 Jim Coffee $275 for me Thank you Mike
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    Five more for the Lone Star Expo this weekend

    Those look great Jason, Good luck at the show! Mike
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    Small Stag Bowie {Hidden tang #2}

    That is a nice looking knife!!! Great job Mike
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    WIP For five hunters

    Nice work!!! Mike
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    Our own Jim Coffee in "Knives 2013"

    Jim, CONGRATS!! Great job. Mike
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    The Crustiest dog in the pound has a Birthday today

    Happy birthday Tracy!!!!! Mike
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    Walrus Ivory and Damascus hunter

    Great looking knife Jim !!! Keep up the great work.... Mike
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    My 2012 Blade Show table.

    Nice looking setup!!! Good luck at the show. Mike
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    Feather blades for the Blade Show

    Very nice looking "TRIO" Kevin!! Good look at the show. Mike
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    Honesuki Inspired knives

    I really like the Box Elder burl!!! Great job Stephan Mike
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    1st Mini Knife attempt

    Great job on the mini!!! Can't Wait to see the next one. Mike
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    Drop Point Hunter with engraving.

    Very nice Marvin !!! Mike