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    New Models

    So here we have 3 of my most recent creations. We have the Hun, a large broad blade designed by my good friend Genghis, it has a 7" blade with a half length double edge, made in 3mm RWL-34 at 60HRC and black micarta with a kydex sheath. There is the 310 a large simple survival knife with no...
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    RWL 34 non necker

    Here's a finished one, more to come probably tomorrow
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    1x30 or 2x42 for the beginner

    i bought a 50*2250 after 7 knives because small grinders suck, I used to use a file instead but now I can hollow grind a 7 inch blade in 4mm d2 in 20 minutes with worn belts, no one really explained how muchof a difference it would make, id get the 2*42 though because you will find a use for it...
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    I'm back baby

    I haven't really been active since 2014 I think but I'm in full swing at the moment, I have a substantial batch nearing completion and another batch waiting to be ground. Getting more commissions in as well as getting laser cutting done which means I might be looking at a viable business. I'll...
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    New grinder

    turns out its 50*2250 which i believe is larger than 2*72 which should be nice, should last at least 3 1/2 times longer than my belts at the moment
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    New grinder

    I'm going to have my uncle bring it up from Londinivm
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    New grinder

    I was advised by someone more knowledgeable than myself that it was worth getting and bought it from a seller that is known in the knife making community here.
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    New grinder

    I'm honestly not sure on the brand but it looks a solid machine. Drill press next, can't beat getting holes straight.
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    New grinder

    its a 2*72, it has an inverter and variable frequency which will control the speed, 3hp motor as well so i imagine it will be a step up from my 1/8hp setup. ill have to turn that into a disc grinder
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    New grinder

    After many moons I have decided to buy a grinder. I prayed to the gods of cheap belt grinders and they delivered, this thing came up on the ebay so I bought it. Time for some hollow ground madness.
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    do people fake knives

    There are some Fairbairn Sykes knives by Paul macdonald which I believe are genuine on eBay right now. I can't be 100% and won't speak for him, check with the man himself if you come across them.
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    Tassie Devil utility/hunter

    Dipped it in fecl for like an hour then shook it in a box of hardcore to get the stonewash going on
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    Tassie Devil utility/hunter

    At long last I made myself a knife, not sharpened yet but l done. All very much hand filed grinds. It has a roughly 6" blade but I haven't measured it. It is slightly handle heavy because I stopped removing handle material when I liked how it felt in the hand. Blade: CPM154CM 59RC Handle: tas...
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    A knife for gralloching mice.

    I had an offcut so I made my brother a small utility knife. I refrain from calling it a neck knife because the sheath doesn't have any way of remaining round your neck. This is a skeletonised pocket knife I guess. The cutting edge is about an inch so you could do mice and maybe pigeons with it...
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    Watch a 17 year old learn to make knives.

    I have many a pair, a mate of mine bought a Swedish AF greatcoat and says the exact same thing, I'm not sure he does any trapping though. He did visit his lady in Switzerland in the winter though. Mine is a blended knockoff but it was cheap so no worries