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    Is there a tool for this?

    We always called them Jesus clips.....every time you try to take one of it goes flying and you end up say "Jesus where did that go!" :p
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    What's going on in your shop?

    Hey guys long time no see! I am not a great but with anything practice is what I need. Hammered this guy out this morning and heat treated it. Who knows how long it will be before I finish it. Had the day off today. I have not had anytime to work on knives due to the house remodel.
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    Another Folder

    Very nice Brandant, love the blade shape.
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    What's going on in your shop?

    Absolutely you can!
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    Curly maple hunter

    Looks good Ty!
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    Nice little 3 piece knife...

    Absolutely perfect knife John. Simple, clean knife. Love the color of the wood, pins and hamon!!
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    My Latest Take-Down Knife

    Great work Kevin!
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    Let's see your anvil stand!

    Wish I knew I have not had a chance to use it yet! Been so busy fixing up the house, soon I'm going to pound on it and will update this thread. Sorry I dont have more info yet.
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    Buckeye Burl Hunter

    Very nice Casey.
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    How is everyone holding up?

    I dis see Tracy was shipping orders again so that's good!
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    How is everyone holding up?

    This is crushing the economy, I just hope it settles down and we can get back to normal. Small businesses have to be hurting.
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    Damascus abd carbon fiber folder....

    Super nice John!!
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    How is everyone holding up?

    That is good to hear Gene, how is the senior doing missing those big moments in high school like Prom and I assume there will not be a graduation walk?
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    This quarantine....

    Me being I guess a middle aged man I have no I did place an online pick up order for Lowes the other day and was pretty nice.
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    Starting a few Folders

    Nice clean simple lines on that one. Looks good.