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    This metal is hard!

    Is it just the very edge that’s hard? Like a HAZ from laser or plasma cutting maybe?
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    Frame handle help and tips

    I also do the blade and frame at the same thickness (or a couple thousandths larger on the frame) that way there is little slop. I don’t use any bolts just pins.
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    Ameribrade Rotary Platen - Reviews?

    Thanks for the input. It will be my final steps in grinding so the VFD will be turned down.
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    Ameribrade Rotary Platen - Reviews?

    I hear you there. It’s just hard to swallow buying a rotary platen for experimenting that costs the same as my entire Northridge economy grinder.
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    Ameribrade Rotary Platen - Reviews?

    I’m considering an Ameribrade rotary platen. I think it’d be something interesting to experiment with putting a slight final convex on some knives and maybe improve belt finishes. Does anyone have an Ameribrade rotary platen? I notice it has fewer spans at 6, 8, and 10 inches it’s missing the...
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    heat treating foil

    I’m not sure about ATP-641 but I know that Pops knife supply starting carrying a clay like coating that’s supposed to be a replacement for stainless foil. I haven’t used it but saw it listed the other day.
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    Chef Cleaver WIP with question.

    You can definitely do it with your jig. I mean raise the grind just like the photo above with the red line drawn. Just set your jig to a lower angle than before, grind and if you hit the edge before your new grind height lower it again or vice versa. You can also do the math and get it pretty close.
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    Chef Cleaver WIP with question.

    If not a convex grind I think bringing the flat grind up closer to the transition into handle will make it slice better.
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    Pin placement ?

    Yeah I agree it’s what looks right. My general rule is the spacing bolster to butt should be even then at each pin location it should be spaced evenly between the spine and belly. Generally that means your pins won’t be on a perfect straight line.
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    Looking for advice on edge retention

    I don’t have much experience chopping through bones so can’t help there. You could always grind the edge back a bit to thicken it up if it turns out that’s what’s needed for this application rather than make a new one.
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    Perfecting bevel line?

    I agree that learning free hand is the best option (I just started a few months ago) but there are cases where a jig is useful such as getting flat scandi grinds on those woodworking knives. In cases where a jig might be helpful the way I get the grind line to match at the belly is to very...
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    First attempt - Puukko - Added Photos per request

    Yeah I was thinking that’d be the only way to use a larger diameter. I’ll give it a shot when I get around to a stacked leather handle, thanks!
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    First attempt - Puukko - Added Photos per request

    Ok that is what I was starting to picture. You use a screw similar diameter to your stock thickness though correct? I rarely ever use stock above 1/8” which makes for a pretty small bolt. Otherwise your bolt wouldn’t fit through your guard/bolster slot..
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    I got some stencils from TUS and I don’t have any real etchant yet but just using some salty...

    I got some stencils from TUS and I don’t have any real etchant yet but just using some salty water it worked great. These were just etched as they’ll be in a heat treat finish area so no need to blacken but about four 5 second cycles which I think was a little hot so let’s say 6 3 second cycles...
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    First attempt - Puukko - Added Photos per request

    OPaul, I’m curious about this method of through tang as it’s something I’ve been thinking of doing but do not have welding or brazing equipment. Any chance you have a photo or that video? Thanks!