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    Ironwood Bowie w/ hamon...

    Your work is fabulous you should go full time :-) Gordon
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    Liner lock folder with Ironwood

    Very Nice Mr. Doyle, where do you get Ti pivot screws? Gordon
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    Folder with W2 and G-10

    Bearings or washers? How does it feel, looks fab-u-lus!!! Gordon
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    Gambler's bowie...

    Over the top again, very nice... Gordon
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    Chris Reese Sebanza folder and M. Prater Painted Pony pocket knives

    I think John covered it. Gordon
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    A quick look at one of my projects...

    What it needs is More Cowbell...
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    Forged hunter- All blacked out

    Smoknn Hot... Gordon
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    S-guard Bowie- Bronze and textured redwood burl

    Very nice work John! Gordon
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    Utility/EDC with two tone g-10

    Hey John When are you getting orange G-10 on one of those killer knives of yours? Gordon
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    Camp/Utility in black

    Hey John that is over the top... Gordon
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    Camp/Utility in black

    Looking good Big John. gordon
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    Pewter skull Giveaway

    I am in... thanks Jeff Gordon
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    3V Hunter

    Very clean and the fit and finish look great. Gordon
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    Tree Rat with Bolsters

    Thank you have a Merry Chrismas. Gordon
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    Tree Rat with Bolsters

    What kind of epoxy do you use to keep that thing togethere? Gordon