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    All-beef No-fluff Camp Knife

    Great knife Brad, that's a real user for sure and no doubt will provide a lifetime of reliable service. I'm a fan of the .060" Kydex myself hardly ever use any .080" anymore.
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    Steampunk Folder

    That is so cool! Very creative and executed very well.
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    My first hollow grind...

    Very nice, good polish on that one too.
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    Welcome to Knife Dogs and thank you for your service!
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    Hi ya'll from KC!

    Welcome Ralph!
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    Tac Persain

    Great job on the re-curve grind, that is a great looking knife. Love how you shaped the scales and the red liner in there too. Both ends of that blade mean business. Thanks for sharing, Bruce
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    Niolox and Carbon Fiber small kitchen knife

    Very nice, I've never seen carbon fiber like that before. Well done.
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    Umm, not new but back after a little time off

    Well heck yea, Mr. Janik is a stand-up guy! :5:
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    My Advertisement bikers vest

    That looks pretty cool Clint.
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    1095 hunter w/hamon raw blade

    Great looking hamon Frank. Do you use the vinegar to darken the blade more or is there another process? Polished bolsters will really make that hamon pop, can't wait to see more. Bruce
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    Umm, not new but back after a little time off

    Thanks guys, gives me warm fuzzies...:1:
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    Umm, not new but back after a little time off

    Hey guys, Been away from the forum for a little while, life has those interesting ways of interrupting our routine sometimes. I'll be doing a give-away in the Pay it forward thread pretty soon, that's always fun. Good to be back. Bruce
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    Snakewood,with CarbonFiber bolsters

    That's cool Keith!
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    My spread for Big Spring

    Great bunch of knives Jason, hope you do well at the show.
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    2 I recently finished

    They both look great Keith. I can't decide which one I like the best although I love damascus steel. Did a little filework on the knife you sent me, just did the blade so far but want to do the frame also. Bruce