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    Elf Integral

    Master of the hammer and anvil at it again, stunning work Tai , such an inspiration . Thanks for sharing .
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    Long Aggression bush sword

    I wouldnt set it down either, That thing looks fun. Nice job
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    KMG Horizontal Conversion Kit

    Yes they are, just ordered mine.
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    Rat Tail Knife

    Thats beautiful Tai. I have one of your blacksmith knives similar to this. The forge work is amazing. I use it to set my standards when forging .
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    Thermometer probe install

    Hey everyone, i have a knife dogs heat treat oven and want to add a digital thermometer to it. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to install or mount the wire probe? I have the little wire K type probe. Thanks for any advise.
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    Moving some steel

    Man thats looking awesome Tai, some fine forging
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    Dragon Goat

    Super nice
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    brut-de-forge-Challenge KITH

    Finishing my up today, Im ready. Bobby Keller
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    Ouch !

    Ouch is right, hope that knife was clean. I did the same thing one time with a screwdriver, was trying to start a phillips head screw into some plastic i was holding with my left hand. Slipped and drove that screwdriver into the web between my thumb and pointer finger about an inch. It hurt for...
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    My own personal hunter...raised clip w/ claro walnut

    Id have a hard time doing anything else to that knife. Sure is purdy. Should make a fine hunter.
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    A bowie born from the ashes WIP

    Very wicked looking knife, love the looks of the harpoon shape. Outstanding work
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    Walrus Dagger

    Thats sweet, Great job.
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    Carbon club

    this is her after 7 days in the GA swamps teaching a self reliance /survival class. After clean up. Measures 14'' overall with a 9 inch blade. and another one im working on
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    Carbon club

    Ill get a picture of it soon and post it on here. Its my go to knife and ive used and abused it for 8 yrs now. Still absolutely beautiful in my book.
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    First try at Neo - ADD ON

    I like it the way it was. Def could do some rawhide on that knife, but just in a different way