You must be careful when you play with fire!!!!!!!!!!!


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I heard about that today. Unbelievable. How much you want to bet there will probably be file suit against forged in fire.

C Craft

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Hey just found this, it is a more up close look at the incident!!

It's got an instagram link, I don't do instagram, heck I don't even know what instagram is for that matter. Anyway some of the comments posted below the piece talk about the guy has talent. Not sure if they know what talent is or not. I guess this could have been a case of newb in city meets world in the wrong way!!

I once had a buddy in the Army. We went to the field for reforger training and he comes walking over to my truck, (5ton dump) and holds out his hand and asks me, Cliff what kind of berries are these? Now he knew I was an old country boy and figured I would know what I was looking at. I did, when I looked down I busted out laughing and said, son those ain't berries that is deer shit!! He had been born and raised in Philadelphia. Till that moment I had never realized how citified a person could be. He had never been outside the city of Philly before he went into the Army and said he had never even seen farm animals except at a petting zoo! I once saw him punch a guy that he had known for a week, only because the guy was from North Philly and he was from South Philly, and the two were not ever going to get along! Really five minutes ago you were drinking a beer with him!!!!! Go figure!

I hear these guys talking about doing this in their basement, in the kitchen of there apartment, in a shed just outside my little girls bedroom, ...........and it sends shudders up and down my spine! Everyone starts somewhere and if someone don't tell them they may truly not understand how dangerous what they are doing is! I grew up around construction and folks who lived where they worked but, I also it can all go bad in the blink of an eye!! There are fire extinguishers all at two different locations in the shop and a big one is mounted right in front of the forge!!

When I first got an interest in doing more with my knifemaking. There were few books on the subject and one that I won't mention the tittle of was recommended by many. When I finally got the book and read it, I had to just shake my head. It is no where as easy as that book makes out and some of the stuff he was preaching. Well I didn't need to be a professional to understand his advice needed to be taken with a with a grain of salt! However it is that very book that continues today to draw new people in all the time!!

I may not be a professional but I don't mind sharing anything I have learned along the way! Trade secrets are for the boys who make a living off of this kind of work. For me if I can leave someone with good advice or a better or safer way of doing the trade, well then I have left at least one good thing behind me in this lifetime! OK, I know the ole coot is ranting again! I'll shut up now and let someone else put their O2 in!!